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A CONVERSATION ME, thekirbykat AND uaa-merchant HAD LAST NIGHT.

I forgot who but one of them said The baby is gonna dead without the boob milk.

I then said Is clementine old enough yet. (hinting at her to breast feed the baby)

They were disappointed  in me.

It was Kirby.

Also, we are not milking Clementine. 

ladyredsama asked: What started the gas mask thing

Seeing as I get asked this a lot, I’ll take the time to explain. It’s not really that interesting, but it’s a pretty predictable story.

I’ve always had a fascination with masks. Even as a child, I would always buy costumes for Halloween that had a mask with it, or I had to have make-up on that fit the character I was portraying. I just needed something to cover my face. As I got older, when I was starting to get more creative in my thought processes, I would see a lot of gas masks in media.

A gas mask could signify something good, or something more darker. There are all types of gas masks, and I had trouble picking out which type I liked the most. Then, I came across the Zero Escape series, which only had one game at the time. I played that game religiously, and I came to be interested in the “villain” of the game, Zero.

Zero wears a gas mask, as you could probably guess, and during the time period that I was creating Merchant the character, I wanted him to have a mask, and a personality, similar to Zero. However, I scrapped the character idea before I could get too into the creation.

I didn’t pick up the idea of the character again until not that long ago, and during the time where I was trying to come up with an image for Merchant, I looked at gas masks. I found one I really liked, it was fairly cheap, since gas masks run rather high in prices depending on the type you get, and the rest is history.

I also have a great fascination with jesters, and everyone is pretty lucky that I didn’t end up going down that route.   

ladyredsama asked: Also, are you Kim Kardashian.

You’ve discovered my secret.

I am all of the Kardashians. 

The short team.

And that

This Is what I meant by a comic btw.

I realize that, seeing as I’m the type of person that tends to just brush things off, I’ve been answering asks without thinking about the fact that I’m doing so publicly. 

A lot of these could cause some tension that is unnecessary, and give the wrong image to those that are sending me asks. Therefore, I’m going to use more discretion in what asks I answer publicly, and which ones I answer privately.

ladyredsama asked: you should turn your anon back on

The reason I have anonymous messages turned off, is because I’d probably get a ton of unkind messages from people that are too scared to say it to me otherwise.

If you’re going to say anything to me, I’d like to know who I’m dealing with.

ladyredsama asked: are you gay yes or yes