Bear and you?

Bear and dearest?

I’m trying to figure this out.


is it uaa-merchant

Close, but that’s the wrong type of gas mask.

I was considering getting one like this, but they’re very expensive.

posted 3 days ago

posted 3 days ago

It’s a gif.

I’m corny.

and it’s poorly done.


-Little Red

posted 3 days ago

When people actually show they care.

Even if it’s words. or art like this.

It really does help, especially when I’m going through a rough time.

Art by Tru.

Go tell her how great her art is.



-Little Red

ladyredsama replied to your post: Everyone go fill Little Red’s inbox wi…

Like people give any fucks about me.

Hear that? Get this girl some fucks. A whole bag of them.

posted 1 week ago

Everyone go fill Little Red’s inbox with positive messages.

Remind her that she’s silly, and that people want her around.

Go now.